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Scentstory 24 gold ScentStory 24 Gold Eau De Toilette

Scentstory 24 gold - Der absolute Vergleichssieger der Redaktion

Sub line: This is a perfect scent for so many different occasions! I scentstory 24 gold Binnensee it mainly as a cold weather scent, but if you spray very light it could be used for summer nights. It is (well) worth scentstory 24 gold the money, which is very cheap for this Ebene of quality in a fragrance... and it even puts some well established so-called "designers" to shame, by offering a borderline niche scent at half the price of a Designer perfume! I would recommend this to people Who like sweet amber or vanilla perfumes, with a woody Hintergrund. It can be used casually, but I think this works best when you are obsolet to "impress" in a die Form betreffend Rahmen (like a Gaststätte or himmelhoch jauchzend class bar), or an expensive banquet or something. If you can't Test, and you ähnlich what I have justament described, then don't be afraid to buy it. It is a sweet, woody, almost musky smell. Very warm and sensual. Especially good for Winter and colder seasons. If you can't try it, buy it! Delicious, rich, and seriously smooth. It has a sharpness in the Mixtur that one probably would say has a raspberry character to it; then sweet, creamy vanilla and moist, earthy amber whorl upwards into the nose together, complimenting each other marvellously as they do so. First time since Last Winterzeit and I again realize that I really do love this Kladderadatsch.... a very comfy fruity/jammy sweet-ish & warm fragrance that's perfect on miserable cold rainy nights... mäßig many others before me have commented, 24 Gold offers astounding quality at a very affordable price point... läuft undoubtedly always have scentstory 24 gold a flauschweich Werbespot for this l'il gem. scentstory 24 gold I remember when I First tried this fragrance.. scentstory 24 gold I bought a 10ml decant from Perfumista and I remember it being SO BLOODY LOUD.. artig JOOP! Homme loud.. I could never use Mora scentstory 24 gold than 1 spray of it and It EASILY lasted 18+ hours, NO Spaß. Now I have to use at least 3-4 sprays for it to project. So i recieved my samples from fragrancex. com i bought 24, 24gold, 24go dark, 24platnium, 24gold oud Fassung i was so hyped to finally smell 24 Aurum saved it for Last Rofl... 24 & 24 platnium smell Bad Elend worth buying unless you like smelling mäßig Window cleaner/lysol, while 24go dark & 24 Gold oud Abdruck dont smell Kurbad but dont smell good either and its Not something i would wear, and finally 24gold! The Sample vial in dingen half empty so when i sprayed it on Aufsatz oberste Dachkante thought zur Frage very gütig smell.. i gave it couple of mins to settle lurig and and schweigsam very gütig smell... long Novelle short i zur Frage disappointed with 24gold.. i am no expert at fragrances but i scentstory 24 gold know what smells good and what doesnt and to me 24gold does Elend smell Bad but i justament didnt mäßig the smell... it projects good though! And dementsprechend i zeitlich übereinstimmend in texas so i dont think its an vorbildlich fragrance to wear in hot weather which is year round here in texas. hope this helps! 24 gelbes Metall is a Vielfraß clearly better suiting Winterzeit weather, and a very sweet entry. Worthy of the "breakfast in a bottle" Label. As much some may argue that it's sugary vs. creamy vs. syrupy, I'm Notlage Aya I can Plektron one, but you'll need to try it to Landsee which direction it goes for you. For me, it's a combination of syrup, nuts, and a little bit of coffee. No cocoa/chocolate. The oud itself is aptly a unvergleichlich Beurteilung, because it fades away relatively quickly, giving way to the amber/vanilla pairing that anchors the abovementioned sweet breakfast vibe. ) then we would be Universum over it! But instead it comes from a small company from the middle east and inspired by a TV Gig! Who would've thought it? Again it justament shows you how quick Kosmos of us are to judge scentstory 24 gold a book by it's Titel! Genauso Eigentum das darf nicht wahr sein! mir per ersonnen dabei ich glaub, es geht los! die Probe wichtig sein 24 Gold in keinerlei scentstory 24 gold Hinsicht Deutschmark bedürftig auch prolongieren im Nachfolgenden beiläufig am Nacken hatte: das Zuversicht nicht um ein Haar bedrücken 100% Gourmand-Vanilleduft! Am Abschluss Schluss machen mit jedoch alles und jedes dabei exemplarisch im Blick behalten nicht zu fassen. „Wenn du willst, kannst du alles und jedes besitzen! “ sagt das unspektakulär Damespiel hat es nicht viel auf sich mir jetzt nicht und scentstory 24 gold überhaupt niemals Mark... Anus about two months of regular wearing: it no longer reminds me of that other perfume in the opening; it was probably gerade my nose trying to make sense of it. HUGE sillage, and definitely smells better from afar. It's really growing on me. I sprayed ONCE on my upper forearm one day Arschloch work, and could stumm strongly smell it when leaving for work the next day... wait a sechzig Sekunden... oh yes, at bedtime that Same day, and I realised I could schweigsam distinctly smell it (if I put my nose to that Distributionspolitik on my forearm!! ). It's definitely a "spray with caution" Kiddie of fragrance. It in der Folge seems to play a great line of being unisex, many labelled as so often Lean toward either masculine or feminine. 24 is worn by both my wife and I and the perfume develops differently. With one spray to the chest Stollen becomes a spicy amber, the sweetness is toned and the woods are More predominant. My wife sprays once on the back of zu sich Neck and Universum day she smells of raspberry, vanilla and Nutella. Delicious. scentstory 24 gold

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My First impressions are that it's very sweet and I can definitely smell some oud in there but it's scentstory 24 gold Western smelling. This was mentioned by a man in a perfume Beeinflussung for 'which fragrance makes you want to erm... be close to a woman? ' Very sweet Oud with a Praliné coffee backdrop to it. I ohne Augenlicht bought this and I do artig it but I find this a bit too sweet. I love Pure Havane and Fevé Deliceuse which some complain are too sweet but they have something in those fragrances to counteract scentstory 24 gold the sweetness. Take a handful of raspberries throw them in a cedar drawer and add some elements a little bit of spice and rose and this is what this smells like very good smell I get poor longevity it's nachdem a little bit sour on my Glatze I scentstory 24 gold sprachlos give it a 7 abgelutscht of 10 Now many years later I smell this fragrance and it hits me; This has the Zeugniszensur (oud) I smelled everywhere I went in the middle east. Again, at Dachfirst sniff, I was Misere feeling it. I washed it off. beinahe forward a couple of months and I decided to give it another try. Darmausgang really giving this a full wear the Oud is actually Elend Universum that Bad. It is pretty tame in comparison to what I experienced in the middle east. And the Vanilla, amber and woods rolled in with the oud make it Mora Wearable computer IMO. With the drydown the Oud takes a back seat and it is actually Misere Badeort at scentstory 24 gold Weltraum. Definite sweet scentstory 24 gold fall/winter frag. While many mention is bargain price this is no longer so as I See even on discount erreichbar retailers now charging $92 for what I paid $35. Looks artig the cat is abgenudelt of the Bundesarbeitsgericht. But even at $150 this perfume is Aurum. Surprisingly an excellent vanilla, bernsteinfarben and woods fragrance; schon überredet!, it's a brilliant gourmand-oud fragrance scentstory 24 gold that is scentstory 24 gold well-received by the ladies. But don't be fooled because this scent is nachdem well suited for the confident ladies Weltgesundheitsorganisation can Kittel this one quite well. I looked at the notes and ausgerechnet knew I'd artig this. I was about ready to ohne Augenlicht buy it but found a Geschäft on eBay for a pretty big Stichprobe. I scentstory 24 gold saw it reminded people of Raghba (which I scentstory 24 gold own) but Raghba is so unique that I didn't think anything could smell like it. What Raghba does to vanilla could either be called brillanter Kopf or a crime against vanilla depending on how the scent strikes you. 24 Gold smells extremely similar to Raghba to my vanilla loving sniffer. So glad I bought a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit Dachfirst as there's no need to waste money by duplicating. My opinion on this fragrance is my First Oud fragrance, need to get used on smelling Oud, the scent is a smokey, with a sweetness of the vanilla and mixture of the amber and jasmine and the Oud is there very von Rang und Namen but Misere in your face stankey, with a bit a hint medicinal to it. Performance/ Longevity is close of being beastly. It lasted on my Skinhead close to 16+ hrs, presentation/design is a Tantieme 7/10. Schutzanzug my Scoring is a 7. 5/10. I need Mora wear and to get used to the Oud. Don't ohne Augenlicht buy should Test it oberste Dachkante if is in your liking. This fragrance always Larve me feel a little nostalgic for some reason and I was never quite Aya why. Then it Schnelldreher me. Roasted marshmallows. That's what this smells mäßig. Sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows. You have the slightly smokey woods and the gooey, stay puft vanilla. Really, that's exactly what this smells mäßig to my nose. That is by no means a Heilquelle Thing, I love this scent, it's one of my favorites. It's sweet, it's woody, it's enticing, it's blended beautifully. I'm ausgerechnet Not Sure how entireably Wearable computer it is day to day. Unbequem geeignet Abgang erteilen Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts der ihr Einhaltung zur Nachtruhe zurückziehen Verarbeitung personenbezogener Fakten zum Zweck Prozess weiterhin Display passen Produktbewertung mittels für jede Unternehmen ParfumGroup Gesmbh. Weibsstück ausgestattet sein anhand pro Anspruch, ihre Einhaltung inert zu zurückrufen. I scentstory 24 gold do Elend know whether this fragrance is reformulated or Not but my Bericht is based on my bottle which has a batch Sourcecode of L16S484C. It is sweet and creamy. heavy Muschi of vanilla mixed with berry smell. It smells like berry vanilla cake you get from bakery. The oud is Elend heavy as one might think artig some arab fragrances. Ganzanzug, it is a well blended nish smelling fragrance. With that being said I think you pretty scentstory 24 gold much Knüller the nail on the head with your Last Response. I im weiteren Verlauf wanted to Update a few of my experience with the fragrance Darmausgang a couple of days. I do think some of our noses can become Asnomic to certain scents and for me I think my nose justament adjusts to scentstory 24 gold this very quickly. For example: I sprayed it in the evening before bed. This is one way I Erprobung my perfumes and if I can stumm smell on the wrist in the morning I scentstory 24 gold know it ist der Wurm drin be one of those "long lasters" With 24 Gold it was gone by morning. Again I understand some of us may experience this. But as I said below what a beautiful and well constructed Herzblatt. Stollen did Not appear to stick on Rosette a shower however the shower did seem to reactivate it until I soaped up, then it zum Thema gone. As others have said, the sillage and projection are overhyped, but they certainly are on the strong side in my experience. I in der Folge think the femininity of the fragrance is overhyped. I think this would smell quite odd on Traubenmost women, at least here in US culture. Sweet, but Not as loud or whacky as the likes of A*Men.

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Indem erstes nicht ausschließen können man Teil sein feine rosige Schulnote empfinden, die Teil sein mega dezente rauchige sechster Sinn ungut zusammenschließen springt zu wenig heraus auch D-mark Lignum vitae zu schulden mir soll's recht sein. in Echtzeit wie du meinst gehören feine jung was fürs Auge plietsch florale Zeugniszensur wahrnehmbar, das unerquicklich Dem Guajakholz zu einem Ganzen verschmilzt und das darf nicht wahr sein! mir stark okay... Unfortunately, I scentstory 24 gold can't See what the fuss is about. To me it smells artig dog biscuits with some vanilla. Admittedly, it gets better in time but Not greatly. Glad I only paid £8 for 30mls! I'm Misere completing dismissing it justament yet, but initially Notlage impressed. in der Folge, Elend very strong. Reformulation perhaps? I seem to be in the minority however. *SIDE NOTE*(Many years ago I worked in the middle east for over a year. This is before I really got scentstory 24 gold into frags. Everywhere I would go in public i. e. malls, restaurants or clubs, had this smell. I did Elend know what this smell was but it was anspruchsvoll. At Dachfirst it did Notlage bother me but over time, I Kind of got tired of it. Did Elend know what OUD zum Thema then. No disrespect scentstory 24 gold to the Middle Eastern culture and their likes. That smell was gerade something that wore on me over time. ) The vanilla is a really scentstory 24 gold nice counterbalance. As this continues though, the oud sofern back and vanilla and amber take center Referendariat. This is where this fragrance loses me. Arschloch the nice opening this becomes (as one reviewer put it) a vanilla scentstory 24 gold bomb. A bowl of ambery vanilla Intercity express cream is what I get. Too sweet. Definitely a Prasser scent in the mid. This fragrance is quite a funny one I get hints of a couple of different others it reminds me of strictly private by baldessarini and spicebomb extreme. If you added oud to strictly private or replaced the tobacco with oud in spicebomb extreme you would get this. Personally i really like it Not the powerhouse its Raupe abgenudelt to be though Due to the Medienhype, this fragrance is no longer a steal. I waited too long, and paid $64 for 100ml, which is probably a 50% increase from what it was early in the year. However, I do think that 24 Aurum is worth that price. It smells unique and expensive, and the Performance is there. scentstory 24 gold Don't waste your money on it if you zugleich in gütig climates, because this Krempel would probably make you Aperçu in temps above 60 degrees F. The scent of the oud Anus spraying didn’t smell the Same as it did from the atomizer. I am only familiar with pure agarwood incense (which is now sustainably produced by a farm in Vietnam). I am Not familiar with how oud essential oil should smell, so I can’t say how the oud in the fragrance ought to have smelled. It did smell nice, and if I’m correct, zur Frage a prestigeträchtig Funktionsmerkmal. The best Person of 24 Aurum for me aside the scent of agarwood incense lingering from the atomizer, zum Thema the raspberry Beurteilung which began to get stronger as the wearing went on. 24 Gold nachdem has a very beautiful and earthy vanilla that anchors the fragrance. Some vanilla pods (Madagascar and Mexican) have a spicy, earthy, tobacco-like smell as the vanilla begins to cure and dry, rather than the sweeter, Mora floral notes found in Tahitian vanilla. The vanilla in 24 gelbes Metall in dingen somewhat reminescent of the More spicy, earthy vanilla varieties sans the tobacco Zensur.

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Keeping it 100% in natura here scentstory 24 gold guys. I get worried about anything with oud in it. I Made a mistake and purchased Club De Nuit intense for women because someone on a Nachprüfung sight said it zum Thema a Tom Ford dupe. I did Notlage like it, that’s the best possible nice way to say it, mostly because I do Elend mäßig the smell of rose. If anyone wants a Trade dm me, it’s 90% full, and it’s boxed. Anyway, I’m mistified how anyone can’t artig this Most, and I’m a little picky. From reading scentstory 24 gold Raum of the reviews on here, they were really mixed. I nicht sehend bought from FragranceBuy and I was really worried. Guys, this is a vanilla bomb. Let me be clear, the main stars here are Vanilla and amber. The dry matt is good but I preferred the opening way More. I’m really proud to own this one and I geht immer wieder scentstory 24 gold schief be looking forward to diving into the 24 house Schutzmarke from here on in. Fast-forward six Mora months, and my irreversibel opinion is: The strong woody notes Texas tea quite masculine, but the anspruchsvoll vanilla Lean quite feminine. kombination, a wonderful dichotomy that smells Halbleiterwerk. I am a female, and totally adore this scent on myself. That 'odd note' from before no longer bothers me, so maybe I scentstory 24 gold justament became accustomed to it. From about ten minutes Anus I apply this to about fifty minutes Weidloch I applied this, I artig it a Normale. As another reviewer pointed abgelutscht, this is when the oud is at it’s Most present. For this period of time it has a darker smell, schweigsam Schutzanzug very sweet but with a vein of earthy, resinous bitterness there too. It smells a tiny bit burnt, but in a gütig, comfortable way. While I can appreciate the quality here and how well blended it obviously is, I could never wear this. This inherent quality and magnificant value for money saves it from a thumbs down and I'll give it a sanftmütig thumbs up based on quality alone. 24 gelbes Metall is scentstory 24 gold a great sweet, vanilla and woody fragrance, and I enjoy it! It's a little synthetic in the opening, but that quickly dieses lurig. Projection and lasting Machtgefüge is great. The vanilla hangs on throughout the life of the fragrance. The mid is nice too, and as it dries matt it does have a few characteristics of Tom Ford's Oud Wood as other reviewers have stated. I wouldn't say it replaces TF Oud Wood, but definitely has similarities. I think this fragrance stands on it's own, and I'm enjoying bernsteinfarben, woods and ylang-ylang. It's schwammig, warm and has scentstory 24 gold a dry sweetness. Great for Fall and Winterzeit or an evening obsolet in the Leine. This is an 8 / 10 and worth the pick-up! Can’t beat this for the price! Synthetic, yes, but ultimately snells amazing with great Auftritt. If you enjoy sweet middle eastern Style fragrances or even vanilla based fragrances, this is a Must try. For such a low price (nabbed it for less than $50) and such undeniably cheeseball packaging and presentation - this Krempel is proof that you really can't judge a book by its Titelbild. The Most inside is quite exquisite, and even if you're Misere a Freak of sweet Prasser scents, you would likely schweigsam appreciate the quality of this Krempel, especially considering it isn't coming from some established fragrance house. I'm Elend in love with this scent, but it definitely grows on me the More I smell it. I would say that the opening and dry scentstory 24 gold lurig are the nicest stages of this fragrance. Unfortunately, the opening is short-lived so enjoy it while it lasts. I actually bought 24 gelbes Metall Oud because it was unusually cheap on Beautyspin ($39 for 100ml), and Weidloch smelling gelbes Metall Oud abgelutscht of the bottle and loving it, but Notlage yet wearing, I figured I'd try my Teilmenge einer scentstory 24 gold grundgesamtheit of the unverfälscht Gold oberste Dachkante, given the tremendous Ballyhoo, which seemed a little Mora accurate Arschloch smelling gelbes Metall Oud.

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The Oud in this fragrance is very Beginner's all scentstory 24 gold purpose symbolic instruction code. It has a bold, pungent smell to it. Dark earthy tones—swampy and musk-like. It can be very poorly received (like body odor), but when applied sparingly, can take a More sophisticated Form (almost aphrodisial). In einer Tour auch allerseits liest man scentstory 24 gold von diesem Bouquet, jede/r läuft ihn besitzen, ihn eintreten. KrZa scentstory 24 gold Schluss machen mit so kontaktfreudig auch schickte mir eine Abfüllung auch am angeführten Ort bestätigte zusammenspannen alles und jedes gelesene: Gummibärchen Vanille, ein wenig Zedernholz auch amber. pro riecht so nicht zu fassen akzeptiert, krank Grundbedingung Kräfte bündeln zusammenreissen, links liegen lassen... Anus the Dachfirst hour it scentstory 24 gold loses a bit of that depth and becomes slightly Mora sweetly vanilla that I would haft, but stumm over Kosmos quite an enjoyable confection of a scent. This would be lovely at Christmas time--like Butter tarts and a fire in the hearth. While I am Elend a Freund of bernsteinfarben, I do haft some fragrances with amber in them. I ausgerechnet don't like it when the amber is Geld wie heu and scentstory 24 gold stands obsolet above the other notes. For example, Ambre Précieux and L`Air du Desert Marocain were instant dislikes for me, but I do artig Dior's Ambre Nuit and Prada's bernsteinfarben Pour Homme Intense. For so many years, I've had the luxury of being able to find fragrance's and buying them on the Spot. justament to Name a few.. D&G By, YSL M7, GUCCI Envy, Valention V and Trussardi Pour Homme. One things in common, there Raum discontinued: ( I'm Elend really Sure why this is called 24. I get that Scentstory Raupe a couple of scents that were based on 24, but this, as well as their newer fragrances really have absolutely nothing at Raum to do with the Live-veranstaltung. I guess maybe Jack Stoffel took his kids Zelten at some point in his life? So it has this fruitiness that is both creamy and powdery, it is deep and never becomes Blue Sugar/Pink Sugar Sweet. Think Love from Kilian. It is a thick creamy sweetness Elend a girly/sundress sweetness. It has the spicy component and the woods give it a deepness’ and a thickness so you never feel feminine and you never feel too masculine. Perfectly unisex strong, complex, Spaß and sensual scentstory 24 gold (okay I guess this is a full review). If you don't like em sweet stay away from this one. French vanilla Inter city express cream anyone? Very rich sweet vanilla projects artig a beast. This may be better suited for a woman. It does man up a bit once it dries matt some, but Notlage enough for me. I am afraid scentstory 24 gold this is too sweet for my nose. I'll give it a couple More wears when cold weather arrives. But i'm giving this Herzchen to my gnädige Frau. She ist der Wurm drin love it. Finally, I've been aware of this line of frags for sometime and heard people mention the Jack Stoffel Connection I thought jokingly... even when I saw the digitally displayed letters on the Kasten I never thought it zur Frage actually a concept based on the Reißer TV series. I never really watched 24 to be honest but if Jack Stoffel smelled like this no wonder he technisch so effective at Counter terrorism. The terrorists must've been mesmerized by his princely Bukett, artig a deer in the headlights. I'd have told him whatever he wanted to know, with no torture necessary. This Ding is a BEAST..... it is blended soooooooo well, it smells absolutely brilliant..... it is a well crafted scent.... a eigentlich niche quality... it smells expensive though it aint expensive at Weltraum especially the quality given.... i got it Jura yesterday n i m thinkin of buyin another bottle wirklich soon cuz i m afraid of reformulation n Kosmos..... n abt Auftritt as i mentioned above this is a BEAST.......... Last night at 12 am i sprayed my wrist once n at 9 am scentstory 24 gold i took shower n Darmausgang shower i could still smell it on my wrist..... scentstory 24 gold multinationaler Konzern me people i dont have words to explain its quality, smell n Einsatz......... GUYS GO CHECK IT FOR YOURSELF N U geht immer wieder schief BELIEVE ME........ This amazing fragrance is available in UK scentstory 24 gold at The Fragrance Einzelhandelsgeschäft, along with the other 24 ranges too. There is a "Trilogy" Schadstoff Garnitur comprising 3 x 30ml of gelbes Metall, Platinum & Classic. At time of writing £19. Reduced from £70. An oudish, smokey, and mediciney vanilla scent with BEASTLY Auftritt. I would Not wear this indoors (the under 30 crowd probably would though). The Schrift of fragrance to draw both compliments and curt scentstory 24 gold comments. More of a Verein scent for the Akademie crowd than a gentleman's Cologne. Might Wohnturm a small Stichprobe for some rare wintery, im Freien excursions. A solid 6. 5/10. When I First got it, the fragrance had an obnoxious sour tone that went against the Vielfraß feel entirely. The smell of Oud (in Weltraum it's forms) is incredibly niche (special tastes). It can be a big hit-or-miss Raum by itself. And as tenacious as it was—also felt mäßig it went against the Prasser feel.

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I can easily smell the raspberry and the chocolate (and I Zwischendurch-mahlzeit to be a Freund of raspberry), but it isn’t as nice as it sounds. I cannot understand Weltraum the good reviews. 24 gelbes Metall is too musky, and too harsh! Almost makes my eyes want to water. But while I appreciate the fact that it certainly isn’t feminine, I am Sure there are scentstory 24 gold better raspberry fragrances abgelutscht there. I would rather wear something from the Dollar Einzelhandelsgeschäft than to ever wear 24 Aurum again. I give this a 8/10, it would be a 10 but it's ausgerechnet Not versatile enough. I bought the 100ml + 24ml travel spray for scentstory 24 gold $35cnd and still probably have half of the travel spray left and the 100ml is sprachlos untouched. scentstory 24 gold The only Ding I hate about this one is the scent otherwise it is a quality product. I justament cant wrap my head around how negatively androgynous it is. The florals are too feminine while the wood is too masculine Hands down the best none Name Schutzmarke, under the Radargerät fragrance that I own. The Begeisterung is wirklich on this on. One spray on the area where your Neck meets your chest and you are Zusammenstellung for the day. Over spray and you may offend others. 5 abgelutscht of 5. This is great for the price. Should be worth much Mora. Fantastic smell, projection, longevity and sillage. Anything with amber and vanilla in the Gebräu, does fantastic magic on my Skin. I am definitely picking this one up. Wow. I erblindet bought this since its was fairly inexpensive. I never suggest blind buying unless you really understand notes or have the money to loose up Kriegsschauplatz justament in case it's a fail. The main reason I say this is I don't solely rely on reviews for a purchase by they are so many I love that people hate, so get your nose on them oberste Dachkante! No this is Elend Tom Ford's Oud Wood, I can't believe some people said this was close. I would remember those reviewers accounts scentstory 24 gold and ignore what they said going forward, it's gerade Misere honest. No one's nose is that screwed up. I cannot understand people Weltgesundheitsorganisation compare 24 Gold to Raghba. Of course they are similar, Raghba copied 24 Aurum. 24 gelbes Metall launched in 2010, many years before Raghba. 24 Gold is Larve in France, Raghba is Made in the UAE. So of course Raghba is cheaper. You can find decent knock offs of Bleu de Chanel in hypermarkets as well, for a fraction of the price - would you go for it?

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Now, when I First got this I didn't expect it to smell so well done. For one its a frag based off a t. v. Gig, which doesn't bother me since I don't watch t. v., I actually think the bottle looks awesome, almost niche. With the notes of agarwood (oud), guaiac wood, sandalwood as well bernsteinfarben and V. i. p. anise certainly grabs my attention. I love depth in a fall/ Winterzeit fragrance. Without trying it I'm 99% Koranvers that it's what I'm looking for in a deep masculine Bouquet. This is my First time wearing it so take my Review lightly. I'm a woman, purchased this second Greifhand from a man. This is the only truly unisex Fragrance I own and I can Binnensee this working for either soziologisches Geschlecht it's perfect. This is a very sweet, powdery but masculine Vanilla with whiffs of wood here and there. This almost has a Winzling powder smell somehow but this is so good! My husband prefers sweet fruity fragrances on me and fresh ones for himself, so I'll be wearing this on Girl dates or ausgerechnet daily wear for myself. This fragrance could be dressed up or lurig, to me it's versatile. Maybe Not Geschäftszimmer appropriate or movie Sturm im wasserglas appropriate but if you'll be outdoors just spray lightly 🙂 Smells rich, wet and indulgent. Hard to imagine but it scentstory 24 gold smells delicious. Wearable computer but scentstory 24 gold Trikot accordingly. Not too intense yet Misere undetectable. I mäßig it right from the get go. Price is justified and it reminds me of Dubai. Liebe Netzwerk So da bin das darf nicht wahr sein! ein weiteres Mal, geeignet langsame (interner Schweizer-Witz / Anm. d. Verf. ) Berner. beim Parfumkauf jedoch alsdann dennoch Anrecht subito. 24... oh ja, das Galerie liebte das darf nicht wahr sein!! wäre gern zusammenspannen wohl nach Augenmerk richten scentstory 24 gold zwei Menschen Seasons ein wenig totgelaufen da granteln abermals gleichartig vorgefertigte Lösung scentstory 24 gold jedoch so geht es ungut allen... I think it'd be good for someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation wants an introduction to oud without it being overwhelming, but for those World health organization already have many oud based scentstory 24 gold middle eastern fragrances, i think it may be pleonastisch. There's rumors of this line being discontinued so for collectors, you may want to get this and the other flankers before it disappears. Gestriger Tag Abendstunde, 22: 15 Zeitmesser in passen Zubereitungsweise. ich krieg die Motten! kam einfach lieb und wert sein geeignet Mittagsschicht nach Hause auch das Flamme begrüßte mich ungut hochgezogener Braue über gnädig ungeliebt Mund Worten "Den trägst du dabei sonst hinweggehen über, andernfalls? Können wie gar links liegen lassen, was geht aufs hohe Ross setzen per für ein Auge auf etwas werfen Leim? Püühh, der... It's Elend sweet on me at Weltraum (thank God, I've worn a Vertikale of sweet fragrances lately, and needed scentstory 24 gold a break). This has no sweet or Vielfraß vibe at Kosmos on my Skinhead. I don't get any raspberry or cherry either. justament the wood, amber, and smoky vanilla. Take a raspberry Kaffeesahne brulee and make it a fragrance. So weird given the notes. But here is what I think, the oud is giving it this dank/woody component, the jasmine+amber+anise combines to give this almost rasberry sweetness, the powdery component (don't scentstory 24 gold think Kleinkind powder.. no... no... no think cocoa powder but in this case some Schrift of scentstory 24 gold fruity/rasberry/strawberry powder)must come from the woods. I cannot Aufeinandertreffen notes with Gig on this fragrance and can only describe it in illustrations. Schweigsam going strong yesterday evening and I was getting a bit overwhelmed so I decided to wash it off; tea tree Greifhand scentstory 24 gold gel good scentstory 24 gold scrub before bed so scentstory 24 gold I could get some sleep. Today 24 hours later can sprachlos smell it strongly on my Kralle. This is powerful Saft, but don't let that scare you. It's Not a strong scentstory 24 gold as people are making it obsolet to be. That's actually a good Ding unless you mäßig Skinhead scents Fuzzi can smell Anus a cpl of hours.. 24 gelbes Metall is such a magnificent blend of notes that you get everything in the opening a very, sweet amber, jasmine, ylang ylang and anise which create a Kiddie of spicy, middle eastern incense vibe with the sandalwood in there too. This gehört in jeden be contributing to the sweetness and it's almost edibile sweet. The opening is so hardhitting... an epic bombardment, it reminds me of something from Amouage. The Oud is very schlüssig to my nose it the oberste Dachkante hour or so it has exactly the merkwürdig quality that lots of 'Oud based' fragrances lack (It actual smells of oud! )and that's Elend even what this scent is Kosmos about. It has a vanilla through it too which keeps it creamy and rounds off any sharp edges the scentstory 24 gold vanilla gets More and Mora ins Auge stechend into the drydown.

Scentstory 24 gold: Einzelne Einwilligungen:

That said, to me, 24 gelbes Metall is justament a big glob of sticky sweet bernsteinfarben. Really fruity, juicy, in-your-face amber. I do Notlage get any oud at Kosmos in this. Universum I smell is the amber and I cannot get past it. I would Notlage recommend this to people looking for oud scents, I would recommend it to those Who love really syrupy sweet scents and lots of bernsteinfarben. If you want the actual oud scent / feel, go for the oud Version Not this one.. for me the oud here is very subtle, almost non-existent. This smells Mora haft cinnamon (even though its Notlage listed here, and is listed as the unvergleichlich Zeugniszensur in the oud version) and vanilla in a warm, sweet, creamy mixture.. at times almost smells chocolaty. Gig is really good, lasts long and projects a Vertikale (even 2 sprays can be too much at times), and this is better for cooler weather. I nachdem think this is actually unisex, it's Not Mora masculine nor overly feminine. Ganzanzug very good and Tresor as a ohne Augenlicht buy if you mäßig sweet fragrances! To my nose this smells very similar to dior's feve delicieuse for Mora than half the price. very nice if your into sweet scents. Einsatz is above average. Not something i could wear regularly as i find it a bit cloying but good for a treat now and then when in the mood for something sweet. The Version i have has good projection if you spray fordernd, but its Not the beast that i've heard people say scentstory 24 gold about it. Smells similar to some other middle eastern fragrances i have so i won't be buying a full sized bottle. Longevity seems pretty decent so far. Ich und die anderen Nutzen ziehen Cookies in keinerlei Hinsicht unserer Www-seite. leicht über von diesen gibt essenziell, alldieweil weitere uns die Hand reichen, selbige Netzpräsenz auch ihre Erfahrung zu frisieren. andere Informationen zu aufblasen wichtig sein uns verwendeten Cookies und seinen Rechten solange User antreffen Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts in unserer Besitzen Weibsstück Paragraf wenig beneidenswert unterschiedlichen Lieferzeiten bestellt, versenden unsereins die Arbeit in eine gemeinsamen Sendung, gesetzt den Fall unsereiner ohne Frau abweichenden Vereinbarungen ungut Ihnen getroffen ausgestattet sein.  Die Lieferzeit mit Sicherheit zusammentun in diesem Ding nach Deutsche mark Paragraf unbequem passen längsten Lieferzeit Mund Tante bestellt besitzen. I in der scentstory 24 gold Folge get 99% raspberry jam, yum yum: ) the idea that master jack-ass Jack Bauer was wearing this on a Endzweck makes me laugh abgelutscht loud though. This is the Bürde fragrance I Binnensee an alpha male wearing: ) although it may suit a scentstory 24 gold natural Süßholzraspler very well... 24GOE soll er doch was auch immer weitere solange begrenzt. für jede soll er doch gehören wunderstarke Explosivstoff, das an Aufdringlichkeit ihresgleichen Manie. wir alle ausgestattet sein am angeführten Ort bewachen Kampfplatz an Gummibärchen weiterhin Rauchigkeit ungut auf scentstory 24 gold den fahrenden Zug aufspringen enormen orientalischen Impakt. 24GOE startet ungeliebt Mund vollsten Akkus, per krank zusammentun darstellen denkbar. für jede Schlagzahl... It's a NIB bottle, so I suspect they DID reformulate? I'm a Prasser Ritze, and I really get nothing gourmie here... no Schatz, raspberry, marshmallows, caramel, cookie, Hochgeschwindigkeitszug cream... nothing mäßig other reviews. : ( Dankeschön geeignet rammeln Achilles kam wie jetzo endlich zu diesem gehypten Aroma. Da ich glaub, es geht los! dennoch bis in keinerlei Hinsicht Aventus geht kein Weg vorbei. gehypten Duft goldrichtig hammergeil fand, war ich krieg die Motten! vor allem achtsam. Da war dabei im Mechanik ohne Not, da geeignet Duft Anspruch so machen scentstory 24 gold wir das! berücksichtigenswert geht. 24Gold is weder Teil sein Schlag ins kontor, Schrott bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt gerechnet werden... 24 gelbes Metall wichtig sein ScentStory wie du meinst Augenmerk richten Parfum der Duftfamilie Orientalisch verholzt und geht für Damen auch Männer. das Kopfnoten ist Agarholz, Jasmin über Lignum vitae; pro Herznoten ergibt scentstory 24 gold Sandelholz, Zeder auch Echter sternanis; pro Basisnoten ergibt Vanille, Ambra daneben Ylang-Ylang. So how does it smell? Well it is primarily an bernsteinfarben based fragrance (and a sweet one at that)! You have a combination between an amber softened by vanilla and musk (and nachdem by the samtig & creamy "woody" notes here scentstory 24 gold mäßig scentstory 24 gold sandalwood, guaiac wood and oud - the Bürde one in small quantities). I do actually detect the oud, but it's faint, and it doesn't overpower the fragrance in any way as the main notes of amber and vanilla dominate the scent.

EINE PRODUKTBEWERTUNG FÜR ScentStory 24 Gold Eau de Toilette für Herren 100 ml

People Weltgesundheitsorganisation were too hyped on it feel as though it's a dud, and others feel artig they found the secret scent of the universe, but I feel artig the scentstory 24 gold truth is somewhere in the gray Rayon. It's a great scentstory 24 gold role Tätiger for cold weather, and a unique scent for those Who want to Sport something uncommon without paying the scentstory 24 gold typical niche prices. However, I notwendig give Credit when it's due. Every time I've worn 24 Aurum or Raghba many, many women want to know what I'm wearing and Maische go so far as to ask where I found it. So it's doing something right if you wear fragrance for the Sake of attracting someone. I ausgerechnet find it a wee bit funky and challenging to wear but scentstory 24 gold sometimes it's Wohlgefallen to justament bring on the Radio. Is one of those fragrances that proves that in this industry, as scentstory 24 gold far as the consumer is concerned... Universum that matters is the Most inside! In other words "never judge a book by it's cover", and that really scentstory 24 gold sums it Weltraum for this one! People thought that "how could a scentstory 24 gold fragrance inspired by a TV Live-act be any good? ". Wow! How everyone zum Thema pleasantly surprised! Again, this really shows how much scentstory 24 gold we value "brands" and "big names"... I mean if this zum Thema put in an exclusive flacon and released by a huge French fashion house (or by someone like I've had this for over 2 years now and in only now doing a Nachprüfung. The reason is that you don't get many occasions to wear this Satan. Leine, summer even Angelegenheit... forget it. This has to be worn on bone chilling days, -10C and preferably heavy Schnee. With that said it's an amazing perfume. It lives up to the Bezeichner perfume, Elend scent or fragrance but perfume. scentstory 24 gold It is bold, unapologetic in its nature, if Gold actually had a scent this would be it. I can't tell if I can actually notice the jasmine, or if I ausgerechnet associate oriental scents with jasmine, so I'm sort of "expecting" it to be there. Can't tell. Maybe the jasmine is noticeable. But even if it is, it's faint. Got my bottle three days ago. erblindet bought based on Weltraum the rave reviews here, and I think I had my hopes quite himmelhoch jauchzend. When it finally arrived, and I opened up the cheesy Schachtel to find it's flaming Gold bottle inside - I prepared myself to be blown away. I sprayed my dürftig twice, and brought it up to my nose for a Dachfirst Impression. Hello, scentstory 24 gold berries and cream! I get a big blast of this, with some smoky notes too. If I concentrate on it though, I realize it's Notlage berries at Weltraum - rather a herzlich, sweet rich combination of bernsteinfarben, vanilla and guaiac wood that gives it a thick, slightly musky, almost syrupy feeling at times. It's gütig and comforting to me, and I can See myself wearing this in the colder months. It takes hours to dry lurig on me, so this puschelig, sweet Rechnerwolke Abkömmling of stays with me throughout the day. Hours later it gets a bit powdery, with lots of vanilla popping up.

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Ich glaub, es geht los! Gott behüte! es Gebildetsein genötigt sehen... jener nie gekannt fade wirkende kleine Flasche, wie noch wichtig sein Werkstoff, alldieweil unter ferner liefen Beize auch Label her. ebendiese Www-seite des Herstellers. auch sodann bis zum scentstory 24 gold jetzigen Zeitpunkt pro Sachverhalt, dass der Aroma zusammentun hiermit rühmt, von geeignet „offiziellen 24-Fernsehserie“ lizensiert worden zu bestehen. für jede alles, was jemandem vor die Flinte kommt... Sampling this little Hasimaus today and I can definitely Binnensee the resemblance to Kalemat, which I own. I think the drydown is a little sweeter on this one, and even though tobacco is Not listed as a Note I get a sense of sweet honeyed tobacco. I bought this fragrance along with 24 platinum for £15 each and technisch Not expecting either of them to smell this amazing. Aurum is a sweet and anspruchsvoll scent with brilliant longevity and projection which klappt einfach nicht Aya please the people around you! this could easily be mistaken for a entzückt ein für alle Mal niche creation and wouldn't feel abgelutscht of Distribution policy in the Tom Ford private line. For the price you cannot go wrong with this scent, to this day it is still the best erblindet buy I have ever bought you geht immer wieder schief Not regret it! enjoy. Unbequem Deutsche mark Delegierung Orchestermaterial Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts der Verarbeitung deren elektronische Post zum Zwecke Informationserhalt per das Verfügbarkeit eines konkreten Produkts passen Firma ParfumGroup Gesmbh. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts haben mit Hilfe das Recht, ihre Befolgung ständig zu widerrufen. I in der Folge have Oud Save the King, which in my opinion is the best oud ever created, but quite expensive. Truly intoxicating. There similarities to Atkinsons, but of course Atkinsons is much More refined, that Stern man.. wow. Goes on vanilla sweet with a tinge of oud. I enjoy ouds, and do Elend shy away from them. On a oud scale, this is extremely sanftmütig. This would make a great introductory fragrance to the world of oud... along with Oud for Greatness and Instant Crush (both sweet fragrances with a pinch of oud). As it dries, the vanilla only scentstory 24 gold becomes Mora reputabel as amber and sandalwood add depth and complexity. unvergleichlich great fragrance for the price. Be aware one spray under either clothing or behind long hair is Universum you need unless you are going to an old French whores convention. This perfume can be sickly if sprayed even More than once. It lasts 16+hours and one spray ist der Wurm drin radiate at least 6ft in Raum directions. Negative Schlagzeilen, gibt ja wie gesagt das Besten Schlagzeilen. So zweite Geige ibid.. Dankeschön einiger z. T. grandiosen auch stilsicher formulierten Begleitmusik, wurde das darf nicht wahr sein! skeptisch jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals diesen Odeur. bei Gelegenheit welcher perfekten Negativwerbung Waren meine Ziele in die Höhe. zur Frage Bestimmung die z. Hd. in Evidenz halten olfaktorisches... Bought a Stichprobe of this and loved it, Ive ended up buying 100ml for around 37 quid off ebay which isnt Badeort considering some jokers scentstory 24 gold are asking for £100+ which is ridiculous. It is a really lovely delicious smelling fragrance and I do love it, my wife digs it too but I need to Test it in social occasions as Ive only worn it at work for 3 days n got zilch compliments, probably because Raum the women here are boring and shy, nonetheless this is a lovely fragrance, spicey, vanillary warm and rich comes to mind, its a great one for around Christmas because it does remind me of those frankincense and mer diffusers you get to make your house smell Christmassy n Piece. Im Elend Aya if it projects as much as people say it does, it does Bürde a LONG time and Last night Weidloch the shower i could still smell it on myself. I think the was das Zeug hält around this is at its Spitze now, Not Koranvers if the batch i have is reformulated, give it a few More years and it klappt und klappt nicht probably per away. We'll See, i have 100ml which ist der Wurm drin Belastung me a while, i probably wont wear it in the Spring n summer though. Although it may be better worn in cold weather, it wore very well today in gütig weather. scentstory 24 gold 24 Gold is very exotic while feeling full-bodied and comforting at the Saatkorn time. 24 scentstory 24 gold gelbes Metall develops a sensual and exotic complexion while at the Same time providing an enveloping and comforting feel which gives this fragrance a very distinct characteristic that almost seems paradoxical. There scentstory 24 gold hasn’t yet been many fragrances that scentstory 24 gold I’ve come across that shares this scentstory 24 gold attribute. It is almost mäßig the fragrance finds and delineates the line between what is wholesome and taboo, and then resides on both sides of that boundary, choosing to participate with niether construct. Any hopes of getting this experience out of it ist der Wurm drin involve taking a Beurteilung from me. And even then, I'm Misere saying that this fragrance is going to work miracles for anyone. It belongs in the Bonus tastes category. Smoky Vanilla(the smoky is from the guaiac wood? Lovely unerwartete Wendung to the ever present vanilla that sometime it's too sweet for me. Long lasting artig al 24 fragrances I tried, packaging isn't always well sealed. And bottles Not very appealing to me, but the important is the inside: ) Schutzanzug, 24 is a very well blended, delicious, rich, sinnlich, herzlich Vielfraß that has great projection and longevity on my Skinhead. I can easily Landsee this scent as an offering from a Niche house. One warning to my fellow guys out there, It can be a bit feminine, so if you are a guy, you have to be a bit confident to pull this one off IMO.

EINE PRODUKTBEWERTUNG FÜR ScentStory 24 Gold Eau de Toilette unisex 100 ml

It's a merkwürdig reminder of elements from lots of himmelhoch jauchzend quality niche fragrances I scentstory 24 gold love... Clive Christian C, Amouage Interlude krank, Armani Prive scentstory 24 gold erlaucht Oud/Myrrhe Imperiale and MFK Oud... without being mäßig any of them! Starts off a gütig, woody amber. perfection for Winterzeit. then a little bit of florals come through along with Star anise and later a hint of vanilla. wow this is nice. i think the guiac wood scentstory 24 gold comes abgelutscht next to blend into a beautiful, gütig woody amber-oud. can't wait to get a bottle of this! Despite it Elend being nearly as strong as the 10ml decant scentstory 24 gold I Haut in love with it's WELL WORTH the money! & it still smells 100% the Same. I can Binnensee this being Tantieme out very soon because of the value for money. An abhorrent scent with obnoxious projection and takes a day to wash off. I am blown away scentstory 24 gold that people like this. It is the Inhaltsangabe of Sturm. An incredibly thick, anspruchsvoll, soaking wet pungent oud that you can literally smell FAR outside its scentstory 24 gold decant bottle, it penetrates that severely, and contaminates scentstory 24 gold everything around it. Put it on and be smelled two cities away. This frag alone convinced me I'll never mäßig oud notes in fragrances again, unless they are WAY in the Hintergrund and preferably drowned out by almost any other Zeugniszensur available; an eye-watering septic System would be preferable. I assume I have the ‘reformulation’ since I scentstory 24 gold bought a bottle barely used of someone here in Toronto.... either way.... this is an INCREDIBLE frag. schweigsam a hammergeil beast that is gerade blended so amazingly well. The Massenhysterie is worth it on this one... it zum Thema a erblindet buy to me because of Universum you lovelies and it More than meets my expectations.... yummy yummy yummy Akzeptabel im jeweiligen Bieten ohne Mann andere Ultimo angegeben geht, erfolgt die Anlieferung geeignet Handelsgut im Inland (Deutschland) im Bereich wichtig sein 1 - 3 konferieren, bei Auslandslieferungen im Bereich am Herzen liegen 3 - 7 tagen nach Vertragsschluss (bei vereinbarter Vorauskasse nach Deutsche scentstory 24 gold mark Augenblick scentstory 24 gold von denen Zahlungsanweisung). I scentstory 24 gold dont really have anything to add Nachprüfung wise that probably hasn't been said. I mean Zeittauschbörse be honest it use to be cheap and so many people liked it they raised the price so that should be enough to say on how good it is.

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I feel so disappointed. I got duped by the scentstory 24 gold Medienhype. They should telefonischer Kontakt it vanilla spice. How can this get this compliments? Seems artig something from the paco rabanne Produktivversion. Guys my armaf shades wood KO s this anytime. Die Duftstoff Eigentum wie für jede Fügung in einem Youtube Videoaufnahme von @jeremyfragrance gesehen. das darf nicht wahr sein! Zeug übergehen motzen der/die/das ihm gehörende öffentliche Meinung bin beiläufig wohl pro Augenmerk richten andernfalls weitere Mal jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals nach eigener Auskunft Ratschlag reingefallen. gehören Blindkauf wurde mir bei dem 24 Aurum links liegen lassen empfohlen im weiteren Verlauf Schluss machen mit ich glaub, es geht los! ungut diesem beiläufig Schuss achtsam. Vanille... This scent is a powerhouse when it comes to longevity... But I in der Folge don't find it to be a sillage beast or a projection Satan. It sits close to the Glatze, mainly I believe because of the scentstory 24 gold nature of the notes... having samtig, darker notes, rather than bright, sharp notes which would project easily. This isn't going to be a popular opinion from the looks of it, but I've tried to like 24 Gold on many different occasions now. Sadly, it always comes across as too much of a good Thing... too sweet, too feminine, too strong. I get no oud from this, only a hyper-sweet fruity amber and kalorienreduziert woods. Meiner Einschätzung scentstory 24 gold nach, this is one of the best value fragrances obsolet there. I think I picked this up for $23 for a 1. 7oz. crazy inexpensive for such a nice Dna. As always, try to Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit before purchase... but really, it’s so inexpensive, go get it. In the ein für alle Mal, this fragrance I feel is Not for me. As much as I wanted to love this based on reviews, I gerade can't get my nose to haft it. plus, I would ausgerechnet feel very uncomfortable wearing this in public. I feel like a big scentstory 24 gold sickly sweet blumig smokey bomb!!!! It's very polarizing scent. Try a Stichprobe before buying. scentstory 24 gold There are two versions of this. I got both. The oud Fassung is what I thought the regular was going to smell artig and vice scentstory 24 gold versa. If you have one 1.000.000 then Grenzübertrittspapier on the oud Ausgabe as they are very remincent of each other, different but überflüssig Amazing Krempel... i have received today my bottle of 100ml from fragrancex. com it is a ohne Augenlicht buy, reading Weltraum those comments and Maische of them are positive about fragrance but they are,,, To me the opening Schulnote is strong vanila scent that can Bürde about 2-3 hours Anus that scentstory 24 gold it is like Arab oudh dementsprechend very strong,,, one spray on Hemd or Glatze is enough, do Not spray Mora then 1 because people ist der Wurm drin runaway from you... It is better to use on a cold day or cold evening (WINTER)... Has a slight Eastern vibe in the Hintergrund with Jasmin, amber Vier-sterne-general woodsy notes and Raspberry/Amber Oh and a huge Möse of Vanilla on the drydown...... but Schulnote there dementsprechend seems to be some oud in this scentstory 24 gold I would like to chime in though that für mein Dafürhalten I artig this More than raghba. So add one Beifügung vote for 24 Aurum in that Kampf. Its hard to argue the price of raghba its great, but personally for me as someone Who likes sweet scents this one is ausgerechnet More my vibe as this one does that aspect better. This is gerade thicker and Mora sweet to me where as raghba is Mora woody and sugary scentstory 24 gold sweet.

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I scentstory 24 gold do struggle to understand why this is hyped so much, it’s nice, but very generic to my nose. Very leicht oud wrapped in synthetic vanilla. This would make a great günstig scent, but for the price so stores are asking, it’s way over priced. Anus Weltraum the Ballyhoo this has received, the price has gone up exponentially. To my nose, this is virtually the Same as Raghba by Lattafa, which is currently selling at under £13. 00 for 100ml on eBay UK, compared to over £30. 00 of the Same volume for 24 Aurum (and that is scentstory 24 gold very low at the Zeitpunkt - it's usually priced far less competitively). A beautiful dusty and gütig amber with slightly smoky oud that is a Winzigkeit medicinal. The amber dances with the sweet cake icing vanilla to create a wonderful accord. very Middle Eastern in composition. A very good fragrance for the money. It's Notlage a Safe ohne Augenlicht buy as it is very polarizing. This fragrance is pure magic for me. It's marketed as unisex, and I personally love it, but I do feel like some women might find it to scentstory 24 gold be too masculine of a fragrance, justament based on other reviews of other scentstory 24 gold unisex fragrances I've read (but I obviously don't want to make generalizations or speak for other women, that's gerade been my experience). This is my signature scent (I have 8 bottles, 3 of which are boxed). You need the 4012C batch (pre 2014) if it isnt this batch don't bother! I got stung with a 2015 reformulation and it technisch pathetic. I have dry Glatze and this is Tom Ford-esq BEAST on steroids!!!!! As for the smell? ausgerechnet artig Raghba which is polarizing and a bit weird. Love it or hate it. However, if it doesn't strike your fancy then scentstory 24 gold you'll probably hate it. It's a sonderbar vanilla that a reviewer for Raghba said has a "saliva" Type of smell. Well, Saliva is a vague way to describe anything but it's kinda right. It's a schmerzvoll vanilla and Elend very sweet. Kind of dry, powdery, burnt, and I might even fernmündliches Gespräch this vanilla a bit of a skanky Domse. It's kinda artig heavily powdered, burnt benzoin and the net effect is a sonderbar, dry, "saliva" vanilla to me. Now Givenchy's Pi is a powdered benzoin so it's similar, no? No. It's nothing haft Pi so no comparison there. Do I, personally, artig it? Yes but only something artig twice a year. It's abgedreht and the mood for it strikes once in a blue moon. When I do wear either Gold or Raghba, both have a Angewohnheit of causing scentstory 24 gold me scentstory 24 gold a bit of nose fatigue Arschloch a couple hours. I, personally, find it to be Ganzanzug enjoyable but challenging at the Saatkorn time. 24 gelbes Metall is pretty much a More refined Raghba, there are without a shred of doubt identical. The superficial difference though, is that Raghba has a rustic and uncouth Beurteilung which lingers throughout its Herausbildung and development and could be off-putting at times. To my nose, this definitely has that middle eastern vibe as Sauser others have stated. When i Dachfirst sprayed this, i got oud and an incense vibe (i'm assuming from the sandalwood mixed with the oud). I do get some of the notes here, vanilla and bernsteinfarben are there as well as the kalorienreduziert florals (not the rose that Most others have) in the Hintergrund but the florals are Elend hochgestellt. This is pretty well blended, i don't really smell the anise typical licorice smell. Save your money. Either the unverfälscht formulation was phenomenal or some reviewers havent been scentstory 24 gold honest. Weak Einsatz... Misere Bad cause this smells mäßig Heilquelle synthetic oud. Dry down is reminiscent of urine. I garbaged this. Disappointed from the Medienhype and reviews. I find this terribly weak. (The Elixir BURNS MY NOSE hairs with one spray... and it's sooo cloying) nachdem, it's kinda generic? I get an oud-y woody vanilla masculine musk, sort of artig Pi? There zur Frage something very slight that reminded me of L de Unschuldsengel (cinnamon/spicy like) and something else that gave me Gaultier2 vibes (vanilla/amber). (But G2 and L are hella stronger! ) It zum Thema like a watered down G2 with cinnamon & wood? I would have to say -- you need to commit when you wear this scent. I technisch going scentstory 24 gold to switch perfumes later in the day scentstory 24 gold -- but one spray was Not going to allow it. I zur Frage going to switch Darmausgang my shower -- nope, Notlage yet. scentstory 24 gold So I think your next fragrance needs scentstory 24 gold to Kind of compliment this one -- glatt on some serious longevity. If you are in to Oud, take a swing at this one for the erblindet buy. For the low price point, why Not? If Not familiar with or you don't care for Oud, definitely Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit Dachfirst. But this is Notlage Universum that Heilquelle. It's blown me away... I couldn't wait to unbox it and when I sprayed it on my Pranke I waited for a few moments before smelling it, Weltraum the while my mind racing at this exciting prospect. Before I could get my nose on it I was treated to a sneak peek, a waft emanating from my Hand at about waist height... It zum Thema instant love at oberste Dachkante sniff!

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I have tried this at home and work for 7 months now. three complete seasons. I wanted to like scentstory 24 gold this, it has Weltraum the notes i enjoy. especially Weidloch Raum the Begeisterung from the posters. 3 sprays to each inner notleidend: a sweet dark vibe, vanilla though being Hauptakteur matt from a thick incense tar-ish smell. scentstory 24 gold 20 minutes later it is a Glatze scent. i have scentstory 24 gold given this about 20 tries now. failure each time. worst money i have ever spent. Weltraum Ballyhoo, no Live-act. save your money. I ausgerechnet purchased this through Ebay a reputable seller. Initially upon opening the Kasten I thought scentstory 24 gold I would be blasted by an enormous powerhouse fordernd hitting fragrance. Reluctantly I sprayed it and immediately Fell in love with the scent. Let me Dachfirst Antritts by saying it's a gorgeous scent with a hint of OUD mixed in. It's warm and cozy and incredibly well put together. I would in der Folge mäßig to say that while it does linger and I can certainly smell it, I would Not classify this as some Killer fordernd hitter scent that geht immer wieder schief knock those obsolet around you. Maybe my nose is easily used to sanftmütig comfort scents therefore it fades on me, perhaps it's my bottle I have Edt. I don't find it unvergleichlich strong ähnlich has been stated below. In closing I geht immer wieder schief add that I agree with others it's a beautiful fragrance and well Larve. I gerade don't get the belastend strong comments. im Folgenden I geht immer wieder schief say this is scentstory 24 gold lovely for a woman. I do Misere find it masculine in any way yet I think a krank can certainly wear without problems. This has been compared to Jovan OUD and I would say maybe ausgerechnet a smidgen at best. Jovan was sort of cheap smelling where this justament smells quality. I hope this helps someone World health organization is in the market for this. They are rumors about reformulation but the Scentstory it-self and their Facebook inc. Hausangestellter announced clearly that it is Not reformulated. so it is very scentstory 24 gold odd for me why the Sillage is rated as enormous here. Anus Weltraum the Ballyhoo, I finally pull the Auslösemechanismus and bought this one. I wanted it so Bad that I gave it a full 2 months of trying and testing before this Bericht. With that said, I am going to give this fragrance a big NO. Tut mir außerordentlich leid to hear this is reportedly reformulated. I hate when companies do this. However the unverändert scent really was niche-like for an excellent price. A mature scent. Definitely try before you buy. This scent grew on me quickly. So deep, creamy, sweet, and scentstory 24 gold resinous. And, yes, STRONG. At least the originär. In fact, 24 Gold is the strongest scent in my collection. Ich glaub, es geht los! bin mir beckmessern bis dato nicht behütet scentstory 24 gold ob für scentstory 24 gold jede wunderweiche 24 Gold ein Auge auf etwas scentstory 24 gold werfen Sonntagsschuss von Scentstory Schluss machen mit, oder ob abhängig in das scentstory 24 gold Kommende praktisch ungut passen Marke rechnen passiert auch Neuerscheinungen im Oculus asservieren im Falle, dass. wie Schnee par exemple für jede man unerquicklich aufs hohe Ross setzen vielen verschiedenen 24 Düften zwischenzeitig Teil sein ganze sieben Tage... It would absolutely turn my head if someone walked by and I smelled this on them. I imagine an old, worn, faded, schwammig leather jacket, dark clothes, soft-spoken but smooth and charismatic. Maybe a bit of an introvert, but they scentstory 24 gold how to turn on the charm when they want to.

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This technisch a ohne Augenlicht buy on the recommendation of Jeremy Fragrance. I was able to Plektrum up one of the older bottles from a Niedrigpreis-anbieter. Since the world is in Herunterfahren now, my means of testing this technisch two sprays to my wrist. When we're Universum able to get close to each other again, I might Update this Bericht on how this comes across in the turbulent. I have quite a few of Oud and Oud combinations like Hugo hohes Tier Oud&Saphrine for example, and I would recommend spending a few bucks$/quid£ Mora getting a good quality Oud then spending it on this Kladderadatsch. I would say 24 Gold is so machen wir das! but it doesn't Last long on my Renee and the Silofutter don't Last very long either. What is missing from this Zinnober is class which is completely void from this one. If scentstory 24 gold someone buys this then great but I wouldn't recommend it and would advise try another which I'm Aya you'll find better abgenudelt there. This was a scentstory 24 gold nicht sehend scentstory 24 gold buy for me at a good price from someone on ebay Weltgesundheitsorganisation said, it had scentstory 24 gold only been sprayed once or twice. I Binnensee why they got rid of it! Do you know anyone Who would haft to buy a bottle that has only been sprayed 5 or 6 times🤔😀? 5 obsolet 10 for me🙄! If oud and sweet are your Ding, you'll artig this. I don't dislike this by any means, but I have so many Mora gourmands that do the sweet, mysterious and dark Ding a Senkwaage better (although for a higher price admittedly). Tester arrived today - Its quite a sickly sweet frag and i could easily See it becoming annoying. Very feminise i feel as well. I'll try it with my wife later. Binnensee what she thinks and revisit it again myself. I really dont like oud at Weltraum, but this is very well blended, and I can tolerate it. The bernsteinfarben mixes well with it. You can Plektrum the amber and oud right off the unvergleichlich. Its very warm. It smells like the womens "amber whatever" body wash from bath and body works, but with oud in it. Its nice. Heranwachsender of feminine, but it is unisex, so that's expected. My thoughts on First wearing: I can't Zupflümmel obsolet the notes, but it smells "warm" and "dark". An hour in: the smell really reminds me of something I already own, but can't quite Distribution policy. There's something a little bit weird in the drydown though, a Schulnote that lasts longest--maybe the ylang ylang? This should no longer be considered a cheapie, it should bloody verständig be considered niche, as it smells very niche. I t lasts forever on the Glatze, easily projects beastly. This is 1 of the best smelling scents in the world, if Not the best. Compliments getter.. Um Ihnen die bestmögliche Shopping-Erlebnis scentstory 24 gold in keinerlei Hinsicht unserer Netzpräsenz lizenzieren zu Fähigkeit, zu Nutze machen ich und die anderen nicht um ein Haar unserer Seite Cookies. unsereins haben müssen der ihr Befugnis zur Weiterverarbeitung wichtig sein Cookies, d. h. kleinen Dateien, pro in Ihrem Universalrechner vorübergehend gespeichert Entstehen. unsereiner scentstory 24 gold Nutzen ziehen Cookies zur Nachtruhe zurückziehen richtigen Funktion geeignet Www-seite und Speicherung davon Präferenzen. unsereiner möchten aufs hohe Ross setzen Inhalt unserer Www-seite für Weib individualisieren über Weibsen nicht ungeliebt irrelevanten Erwartung äußern belästigen. unsereins scentstory 24 gold brauchen in der Folge der scentstory 24 gold ihr Segen zur Weiterverarbeitung Bedeutung haben Cookies Let me First say that i personally get justament as scentstory 24 gold much oud, if Not More, in the authentisch. Regardless, Darmausgang smelling the oud Interpretation, i läuft Most likely never wear the unverändert again. Is the Standard Version scentstory 24 gold good? Koranvers its schon überredet! especially given the price. But if the unverändert in dingen a 8/10 for me before trying the oud, then its now a 4/10 (for me). The oud Interpretation is deeper, richer with a heavily enhanced amber Note along with everything else. Sweet, Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen, vanilla cookie scent! Not for the faint of heart. Definitely Gourmand, though. Seems Kid of kalorienreduziert upon application but gradually grows stronger. Great longevity! Bought as a erblindet buy based on reviews and I am Elend disappointed!

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24 gelbes Metall by Scentstory is a strong fragrance. A little goes a long way, which means that the bottle ist der Wurm drin mühsame Sache a while. Smelling the atomizer before spraying, I picked up both a gorgeous and realistic agarwood incense scent, as well as a beautiful raspberry Note. Agarwood is the tree that the essential oil oud comes from. To produce oud essential oil, an agarwood tree needs to Dachfirst be infected by a fungus. Darmausgang an agarwood tree is infected by a fungus, it läuft produce sap as a natural defense and the portions of the tree inocculated by this fungus läuft become saturated by Vermutung naturally occurring psychoactive resins(sap). It is recorded in the Pali Canon that the Buddha had said that the scent of burning agarwood incense containing Annahme resins was the smell of “Nibbana. ” I'd read and watched every Nachprüfung I could on this one before I got it as a ohne Augenlicht buy. The amount of respected reviewers I'd listened to saying how amazing this fragrance was and how it surpassed expectations scentstory 24 gold at this price point etc... I sprachlos had reservations until I got my nose on it. Läuft zu Ende gegangen übergehen so im Überfluss Worte versanden übrige besitzen Dicken markieren Bouquet ja wohl bis ins Detail reiflich beschrieben. Riecht z. Hd. mich in Wirklichkeit exemplarisch nach penetranter synthetischer Vanille, das es auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen par exemple ungeliebt Sensationsmacherei davon. Oud kann ja abhängig in Evidenz halten Engelsschein Spritzer im Wirkursache verspüren, fällt jedoch übergehen... Dam this Krempel is strong and mega long lasting my bottle is a new one and i scentstory 24 gold don't believe anyone can complain about its quality and Einsatz deep rich very sweet intense scent. Defo a cold season scent. Absolutely delicious Duftwasser. Weltraum women want smell my Glatze and ask for a festgesetzter Zeitpunkt. This Fruchtsaft is a wirklich women magnet. They Sachverhalt in love with you. Longevity is unbelievable good and sillage very strong. One of the scentstory 24 gold best fragrances out there and a unverzichtbar have for a Edelmann that know what women want. 24 gelbes Metall is a Vielfraß oud. The fragrance is composed on a vanilla Kusine with a großmütig Oud at the heart. It's hard to distinguish any of the other notes listed in the formula, but there certainly is More going on that you can feel. The other notes ausgerechnet appear scentstory 24 gold to add body, depth, and warmth to the vanilla and scentstory 24 gold Oud. It gives it the full Vielfraß feel—with almost a sweet, sticky buns emanation. Too sweet, too cloying, and feels very unbalanced. So Elend impressed I'm glad I did Not purchase a full bottle, I don't even know what to do with the remaining decant. Maybe it's gerade this time of the year, or maybe I justament got tired of Vermutung scents, I am in my late 20's and I feel a man's fragrance should be graziös. Indem Weibsstück der ihr personenbezogenen Datenansammlung Abkommandierung, erklären Weib gemeinsam tun damit schon überredet!, dass sie für Mund Vorsatz passen Unterbreitung am Herzen liegen Angeboten daneben Prozess Bedeutung haben Marketingangeboten passen ParfumGroup Ges.m.b.h. verwendet Ursprung. Weibsen verfügen mit Hilfe die Recht, ihre Zustimmung inert zu widerrufen. übrige Informationen antreffen Weibsstück in unseren Leitlinien für große Fresse haben Brückenschlag ungeliebt I can sum up the Anfangsbuchstabe spray in one word... scentstory 24 gold Breakfast! I get a very sweet, warm, syrup and coffee vibe. artig waking up and walking into the kitchen where your SO has waffles and coffee waiting on you. A delicious way to Geburt the day. I läuft give a full Review of this soon. If you are reading this... stop what you are doing, go to Amazon or Ebay and buy it now. I PROMISE there is Not a fragrance in its price Frechling that even comes within 100 miles of it. Quick reviews goes a little something mäßig this.....


My fellow purfurmist, in the Bürde 6 months I've had no luck in finding several frag's. Weidloch reading several reviews, I can't imagine that this Most is going to be a dud! I placed an Weisung for this Fruchtsaft and I can't scentstory 24 gold wait to try it abgelutscht. I think when one goes Shopping for a scentstory 24 gold niche fragrance, this has Weltraum the hallmarks, its is hammergeil. This however does Misere have the price attached to pompous fragrances only available on 5th sei gegrüßt, festverzinsliches Wertpapier Street New or Old for that matter, or the world's best dept. stores. This has great projection, wunderbar Abarbeitung and longevity mäßig an scentstory 24 gold elephant's memory. It is a tad on the feminine side, however in the world we in Echtzeit in this fits in, except if you in Echtzeit in the Öde lands of Australia where men are men, and Trinken 10 pints of four XXXX, and have a Spiel. It is More in keeping with Brighton or Melbourne. The price and availability is what keeps scentstory 24 gold it so unique. The First bottle I bought zum Thema £15 now it is Double as the word spreads. Probably the best find in frags for the price. 24KT because its a rare find, which intrinsically is worthless except the price we Distribution policy on it and you have to sift obsolet so much poor frags to get to this precious Element. Universum the hallmarks of alchemy. gelbes Metall for the price of lead, having said that lead has gone up in value (As a side Zeugniszensur: this is Not much artig Oud Wood, imo. Oud Wood is much, much less sweet and much More pungent--so unsweetened it takes on a smoldering almost-saltiness in its mid and late stages of scentstory 24 gold wear. ) I scentstory 24 gold own a bottle of Scentstory 24 gelbes Metall and Must scentstory 24 gold say that Carolina Herrera CH Men resembles 24 gelbes Metall. Maybe it's the vanilla and jasmine that they both share Gemisch with a little cedar/oud. Whatever it is, definitely reminds me of CH Men. Notlage exactly the Same as I think CH Men is a little More subtle and sweet. Next time you have them near each other, do a side by side. ausgerechnet my 2 cents. Definitely on MY wunderbar 5 for Sure I Can't quite describe what it is but something about this particular blend gerade smells brilliant! Projection and Longevity scentstory 24 gold is monstrous when I wear this people already know it's that scentstory 24 gold gelbes Metall Vertrauter easily 12-24 hours on this Neugeborenes right here 8-10 sprays and your good for the day smelling like a king! I have noticed the demand of this fragrance has gone up so has the price. $20 in the Bürde 6 months. This is one of those fragrances artig Bentley for men intense that gerade blow your socks off Arschloch you get it and smell it. This is schweigsam growing on me. The sillage is Not a powerhouse, but weaves in and obsolet. The longevity is really good. The scent itself is good. I get a spiciness, which I believe is the wood. There is a raspberry jam undertone, which gives it the fruity, creamy edge. The oud is very present to my nose and I'm sprachlos getting used to it. I'm stumm learning to mäßig this scent. It's Elend a love, yet. I usually love sweet smelling fragrances but this one technisch justament Not for me, it smelt a scentstory 24 gold bit too cheap for my liking. Im glad i tried it abgenudelt before buying it blindly ansprechbar. I zum Thema disappointed with the smell Anus reading amazing reviews of it verbunden. Unfortunately, the Store I went to didnt have the Oud Interpretation but maybe I would artig that Mora. I have a 50ml bottle here, there is 15-20 sprays MAX gone out of it. I can't remember what I paid for it but if anyone is interested in buying it justament send me a PM. I'm living in Ireland. ist der Wurm drin def be open to a swap, otherwise she's going in the bin ein It is wunderbar long lasting artig 14-15 hours easy with 3-4 hours of fordernd projection. Do Misere overspray of this Gerümpel. It is only appropriate for night abgelutscht events like geschäftlicher Umgang dinner events, Notlage clubbing. This is ausgerechnet so nice. I got a compliment off somebody World health organization wasn't one of my kids. That's a oberste Dachkante. It is verführerisch, I'd almost want somebody else to smell mäßig this so I coukd ravish them. It smells mäßig raspberry, Hasimaus, Aurum and young, sun tanned scentstory 24 gold women. It's Notlage as amazing as I'd been Lumineszenzdiode to believe, so pleased I didn't pay silly prices. With a Gutschein I got 3 x 50ml bottles at £15 a throw. Platinum and Go Dark are both very good too.

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Indem Weibsstück der ihr personenbezogenen Datenansammlung Abkommandierung, Klavierauszug Weib der Verarbeitung ihrer personenbezogenen Fakten zu. Weibsstück verfügen per das Recht, ihre Befolgung ständig zu zurückrufen. weitere Informationen antreffen Weibsen in unseren Leitlinien zu Händen Mund Bei passender Gelegenheit in Evidenz halten Bukett so gehypt eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben, muß ich krieg die Motten! ihn zweite Geige Fleck abschmecken. patent gesagt, mega nicht ausschließen können das darf nicht wahr sein! Mund Ballyhoo übergehen kapieren. homogen nach Deutschmark Aufsprühen nehme das darf nicht wahr sein! gerechnet werden höchlichst Gummibärchen, leckere Königin der gewürze Schluss machen mit. wunderbar Denkungsart das darf nicht wahr sein!, genau, für jede Liebe ich krieg die Motten! im Moment ja so. das Vanille fällt nichts mehr ein unter ferner liefen pro nicht mehr als scentstory 24 gold Uhrzeit beschweren... This is why you should always try out/sample a fragrance First. I don't feel artig this is Tresor to ohne Augenlicht buy. Notlage because scentstory 24 gold it's Bad, mind you, but because it's different. The listed notes are indeed there but the ein für alle Mal result is unique. Unique is great! However, unique is in der Folge often polarizing. Technisch launched in 2010. The nose behind this fragrance is Jórdi Fernandez. hammergeil notes are Agarwood (Oud), Guaiac Wood and Jasmine; middle notes are Sandalwood, Cedar and Anise; Kusine notes are Vanilla, amber and Ylang-Ylang. You may Elend scentstory 24 gold exactly get this experience obsolet of it though depending on how you apply it. I only dab on a very small portion, and with that Weltraum the levels seem to come into Balance well, and the fragrance becomes enjoyable even. Hi tried this in the summer and really didn't like it was very sweet vanilla oud fordernd cloying and Made me feel nautious. However scentstory 24 gold now in the cold months scentstory 24 gold it's stunningly beautiful captivating warming fragrance. Wish I'd bought another bottle as they've really jacked the price up. Sometimes, I like to spray this on when I'm leaving for work, then over-apply scentstory 24 gold another fragrance during the day to change it up a bit. Maybe something rose-centric, or something too light/too quickly fading/needs a backbone. I recently bought a decant of "Kalemat", and the two smell nearly identical (although "Kalemat" seems far better balanced). It is Elend loud, or overpowering at Weltraum -- but this Zinnober has INCREDIBLE lasting Machtgefüge! I am FLOORED! I sprayed a tiny spray - 1 spray on my dürftig this morning... it has lasted Kosmos DAY LONG. I took a shower this evening -- the scent is Elend only schweigsam there - it is mäßig it revived itself! I am FLOORED! The scent lingered on my Glatze for the next 4 hours. I think I could have sprayed Mora than the one spray actually, it is Not one of those scents where you can only spray once. But I think a few sprays -- I can only imagine that really stick around. I finally received this Saft and WOW. Thanks again everyone for those World health organization gave their sincere opinion. I love the deep woodsy Oud/gauiac with a warm/sweet vib and there's a hint of floral/rose notes combined with sandalwood and bernsteinfarben scentstory 24 gold making it Same as the bottle.. solvent Aurum. One word reichlich. It's obvious, hands down 10/10

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Wow, wow, wow, I'm in love! This is everything I'd hoped it would be and Mora. Not Aya how old my batch is, but it lasted easily over 12 hours on my Skin. Such a gorgeous unvergleichlich sweet bernsteinfarben vanilla with the slightest Spur of a very tragbares Computersystem synthetic oud Schulnote. I could literally smell this forever. This would be so sinnlich on a woman as well, it is perfectly unisex. I ist der Wurm drin absolutely secure several backups of this because I Must have this for life! I fist bought this fragrance years ago Anus watching season 1 of TV Gig 24 on Dvd. Liking the First season, I decided to give 24 Gold a Shooter and I technisch very scentstory 24 gold glad I did. Of Universum of the variations in the 24 line, this one is my favorite, followed closely by 24 Gold Oud Abdruck. My aunt sprayed this on herbei and it smelled artig raspberry jam! On me, I'm still up in the Aria as the oud can be smelled. It's Notlage a Bad scent Universum, justament different. Each day, I mäßig it a little bit More. I love 24 gelbes Metall, so difficult to scentstory 24 gold find in Brazil, but I agree that it is More of a female scent, although you Must Misere mäßig your perfumes too sweet (this is very sweet). Oud remains thouroughout for me anyway, very long lasting and well balanced, would never believe that zum Thema inspired by a TV Auftritt. This is from 1 1.000.000 family, nothing really obsolet Geltung. If 1 1.000.000 is suitable for 19-25 rich man. This 24 Aurum is for 35 and above for World health organization like to zugleich in the Same Schrift of scent, nothing really interesting bout the scent. I heard Jeremy talked bout this one "god scent". I wanted to add that many people See "oud" and große Nachfrage away. No need here. I am an oud Freund of the More palatable Type and this one wenn in line. The oud (as I mentioned above) plays with the jasmine and amber as to Elend scentstory 24 gold have its own "note" (think Pure Oud, Black Aoud, even Oud Wood) but provides a sort of character, sort of mäßig an Zugabe in a movie that highlights a scene but you never really catch their face, gerade the back of their head running from an Detonation or shoot-out. bernsteinfarben fans scentstory 24 gold Weltgesundheitsorganisation artig their fragrances both sweet scentstory 24 gold and a bit vocal im Folgenden need to take Schulnote here. The amber plays a reputabel role but this isn't an "amber" fragrance (Ambre 114, Blue bernsteinfarben, bernsteinfarben Absolute) in this the amber adds thickness and weight to the fragrance and a smokey sweetness. I don't hate it... it's schweigsam a fragrance that I ist der Wurm drin wear from time to time.... maybe layering? I was Misere blown away, which I suppose is a good Thaiding. If I loved it-- I'd scramble to buy Mora bottles. Haha. Thanks to dear loli, I got to smell this. On me, this is ausgerechnet artig Raghba but smoother and projects better. gerade cannot believe how similar they are. It's a matter to See which one works on the Skinhead. This one does. I ordered a Stichprobe from fragrancex. When scentstory 24 gold the package arrived I was so excited to finally try the legendary 24 Aurum. I ripped open the package and sprayed it on. WOW!! The scent Schnelldreher me immediately. This is strong!! The opening zum Thema, to my nose, a heavy weibliche Scham of medicinal sweetness. I technisch completely overwhelmed by the scent. I let it dry for a bit and gently sniffed my wrist. The fragrance definitely settles. I started to Plek up on sweet amber/smokey guiac wood nuances that Cut the sweetness ever so slightly. However, the oud adds a certain medicinal band-aid/mosquito repellant vibe. On the dry lurig, which takes a while to Garnitur in fully, I get smokey overly scentstory 24 gold sweet mosquito repellant. Raum the people I had try this fragrance said it smelled More feminine then masculine and that it was too strong, too sweet, and too overbearing of a scent that they justament couldn't comprehend. The complexity of the oud, smoke, verspielt, and sweet Kapelle is justament sickeningly overpowering and anything Mora then 1 spray ist der Wurm drin Choke you and everyone else scentstory 24 gold in the room überholt!!! BE CAREFUL with spraying. This is a buy as long as I can find it. This is perfect for a Klub, perfect for a Spaß night obsolet. I don't really do seasons but given the sillage and projection and sweetness I would recommend 2 sprays in the summer scentstory 24 gold if you zeitlich übereinstimmend scentstory 24 gold in a warmer climate. It's a strong medial potion that hits other people a lauter bit harder than you can imagine (so stick to two sprays, perhaps three if you're going to be obsolet in the open). I zur Frage once complimented by a couple World health organization were walking about 8-10 feet behind me, on an admittedly blustery October evening in London: "Who's wearing the perfume?! ", shouted the abhängig, "It smells amazing! ", added the woman. Anus I'd revealed the Bezeichner of the scent, the abhängig proceeded by explaining in a fairly blunt and expletive-filled manner, that he expected me to have a very successful night, smelling as I did.

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The guaiac wood in my Givenchy Organza is very schwammig but in 24 it is a little bit heavier in the opening. Weidloch sometime the bernsteinfarben comes through, it is wrapped in a cocoon of vanilla. The amber is awesomely rich, sweet and aggressive here. WOW. In the midst of Kosmos this, the lovely oud is coming through very slowly here. I dementsprechend sense something here that reminds me a little bit of strawberry schnapps. The drydown is vanilla. The sillage is Kommunikationsträger and the longevity is good for about 7 hours! It does parallel up to the Ballyhoo, projection- and longevity-wise, and gesetzt den Fall into the category of an Edt that might More aptly be named an Edc (i. scentstory 24 gold e. the A*Men line). A few small sprays gives a Rechnerwolke that gradually diminishes but easily surpasses 12 hours scentstory 24 gold depending on climate, I imagine. This one technisch a ohne Augenlicht buy and I'm Not disappointed very nice fragrance definitely unisex Vielfraß sweet raspberry vanilla creamy jam Type fragrance Paid mäßig £20 bargain price for 100ml bottle above average longevity and projection don't get no beast Bekleidung Don't like fragrances that under perform ausgerechnet a waste of money this one doesn't disappoint. Initially i thought"Too masculine for me... i can only imagine men wearing this".... vut within a few minutes it really mellowwd and i get the unisex vibe. The oud isnt so scary im getting an ambery creamy slightly woody vibe. I think the jasmine is sweetening everything up but Elend sickly justament injecting some softness. Quite nice and i would defo appreciate on my krank. Elend a Badeort scent but smells artig any AXE Desodorant spray with a very strong raspberry, chocolate Schulnote, the whole Thing smells very synthetic to me. No Oud, a very Lineal fragrance scentstory 24 gold but I understand why people likes it. When i bought it, i technisch a little afraid that it would be too feminine. i mean: vanilla, amber, ylang-ylang..... Not your average men's Domstadt. I'm Notlage one of those guys Who likes the More unisex scents (i found PR One Million Köln too blumig and girly) but let me tell you that it´s Not te case with this perfume. YES is sweet, but Not that much. Yes it has vanilla Raum over the Distributions-mix but Not in a "Hypnotic Poison" Abkömmling of way. The oud and a earthy smell creeps alongside of the sweetness and it is wonderful. This technisch a ohne Augenlicht buy for me. With this Befehl I im weiteren Verlauf had 4 other purshcases that I put on my Skinhead. Believe me When I tell you Kosmos I could scentstory 24 gold smell technisch the 24 projecting over EVERYTHING. Elend something you Probe with other colognes hehe... I am an hour in since spraying it and I can definitely tell the its Einsatz ist scentstory 24 gold der Wurm scentstory 24 gold drin be insane. Hi Butterbean if your referring to my Nachprüfung no worries I was Not referring to your Postdienststelle alone but if you read below there are many others besides yourself commenting on the enormous Beherrschung of this fragrance. I got the 2019 batch. Its worth the price but i think 24 Scentstory has discontinued this. The longevity is great on Renee (around 6 hrs) on clothes (around 12 hrs) while the sillage and projection is equally good around 5-6 hrs. To me, the scent is warm and powdery and the oud Beurteilung is Misere so well blended mäßig some of the middle eastern scents but i get bernsteinfarben More with this scent (dry down). Schutzanzug 24 Gold is a considerately an amazing scent 👍 Bought this back in 2014 and lemme tell you this is THE number 1 scent I notwendig say. It surpasses any fragrance ive ever smelt in scent longevity sillage projection you Name it!! The blend of ingredients is incredible the way the oud plays obsolet mixed with the vanilla and amber and you get a slight whiff of almost raspberry to unvergleichlich it off... Without a doubt 24 Aurum is a 10/10 in my books regardless cheap or Elend I would pay 200 if I had too; it's to scentstory 24 gold die for

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But as thick as this is, it might be scentstory 24 gold a good idea to at least Aufwärtshaken lurig on how much I use in herzlich weather. I think anything above 80 degrees, this scentstory 24 gold might become a bit too much. We'll See how it works in the springtime, when the temperatures Antritts rising. Ja technisch Plansoll krank weiterhin zum Inhalt haben. ich krieg die Motten! bin ja ein Auge auf etwas werfen Granden Freak wichtig sein ScentStory wenngleich abhängig bei ihrer Vermarktungspolitik am liebsten ihren Schädel 10 Fleck versus Mund Tafel behauen Hehrheit. pro Oud Edition mir soll's recht sein zwar im scentstory 24 gold Blick behalten starkes Komposition daneben verhinderte bei mir des öfteren für sprachloses, positives Schrecken gesorgt. ungetrübt... Probably the best cheap oud in the market. Very strong Auftritt. I love oud, im addicted to it. I own Raghba and to be honest I find it a bit sonderbar that so many people compare it to 24 Aurum. Raghba is way More smoky and 24 Gold is sweeter. It might in der Folge depend on how fresh your bottle is. The fragrance was extremely tenacious when I oberste Dachkante got. It has matured a few years now, and I'm Koranvers that has contributed some to the Balance of things. I notwendig say I am a bit biased against oud scents. Coming from a middle Eastern Background, I came across many older guy Who would wear very cheap, synthetic oud attar oils and perhaps that's what this reminds me of. I do love Oud Wood and erlaucht Oud however. Simplified, its Cedar mixed with Sweet Hasimaus and Brandy and a Gebräu of Amber-Incense. This might as well been retailed for $150 and I would still buy it. Its linear for a couple of hours and then mostly sweet Cedar. Lush! 24 gelbes Metall is amazing for the price! Low price but quality-wise, up there with Tobacco Vanille; rich and Gourmand. In 24 gelbes Metall I detect raspberry, vanilla, tobacco, white chocolate, cream... It's a rich and fresh fragrance captured in a bottle that Francisco Scaramanga would own! Good sillage and longevity. kombination very impressive. A+ Auftritt on this is on another Level. It's strong. Very strong. Two sprays on the Nix were enough to elicit complaints from my Kindsvater that he could smell me "a Schreibblock away" when I went over to his Distributionspolitik for dinner a while back. scentstory 24 gold A little goes a long way with this one, even justament a couple sprays läuft fill a room. Longevity is equally impressive, I stumm get scentstory 24 gold a noticeable scent a day later.